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Letters to the Editor - Year2011 - Volume26 - Issue 1

Comparative study on protocols for deep venous thrombosis prophylaxis: a new proposal

Dear Dr. Ricardo Baroudi,
Chief Editor of the Journal of Plastic Surgery

We are happy with the comment because it expresses the pursuit for a solid opinion on deep vein thrombosis prophylaxis.

The article entitled: "Comparative study on protocols for deep venous thrombosis prophylaxis: a new proposal" authored by Moulim JL et al., published in the Brazilian Journal of Plastic Surgery, 2010;25(3):415-221, compares two prophylaxis protocols, and does not have the pretense of affirming that they are the only or the best protocols. Instead, the authors aimed to describe similarities and differences between protocols from two nations.

When we chose Sandri´s protocol as an option for comparison with the American protocol, we sought to highlight the importance of the Brazilian Society for Plastic Surgery that has chosen this study to be published as a reference on this subject.

Sandri, in a book chapter published by the Brazilian Society for Plastic Surgery in 2005, quoted Dr. Anger's article, and we understand that this alone brings merit to the article.

We congratulate Dr. Anger for reporting the contributions through his work and related scientific events.

Finally, the omission of Dr. Anger's article does not indicate irrelevance of Dr. Anger's work or the failure to review the literature. Instead, it reflects that our scientific research goal is to advance, in pursuit of consolidated findings obtained by new research studies. We respect the work pioneered by Dr. Anger and hope that scientific progress is more rewarding than a simple quotation of work in a review.

Jorge Moulim
Member of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery (BSPS)


1. Moulim JL, Sobreira ML, Malgor RD, Abreu CR, Araújo ESF, Palhares Neto AA. Estudo comparativo entre protocolos para profilaxia da trombose venosa profunda: uma nova proposta. Rev Bras Cir Plast. 2010;25(3):415-22.

Corresponding author:
Jorge Moulim
Av. Hugo Musso, 2000, apto 701 - Praia de Itapoã
Vila Velha, ES, Brasil - CEP 29101-784


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