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Gradual Bone Distraction in Craniosynostosis - Preliminary Results in Seven Cases

Cassio M. Raposo do Amaral, Luiz Antonio Athayde Cardoso, Celso Luiz Buzzo, Thomaz Rinco, Gino Di Domizio, Marco Antonio de Camargo Bueno
Rev. Bras. Cir. Plást. 1998;13(3):57-66 - Articles

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Seven patients with craniosynostosis (mean age 8 years, Apert syndrome, n=4, Cronzon's disease, n=3) underwent lengthening of the skull by gradual bone distraction. Three patients (group A) were treated by coronal craniectomy reaching the orbital fissure and gradual bone distraction. The other four patients (group B) underwent monobloc craniofacial disjunction and gradual bone distraction. The patients' progress was monitored clinically as well as by radiographs and photographs. The results showed that craniofacial disjunction followed by gradual bone distraction produced complete correction of exophthalmus and an improvement in the functional and aesthetic aspects of the middle third of the face without the need of bone grafts.

Keywords: craniofacial bone distraction; skull lengthening; craniosynostosis; Apert; face advance; Crouzon.



Foi realizado alongamento gradual de ossos do crânio em pacientes portadores de craniossinostose (quatro Síndromes de Apert e três Anomalias de Crouzon). Três pacientes (grupo A) foram submetidos a craniectomia coronal atingindo a fissura orbital e alongamento ósseo gradual. Outros quatro pacientes (grupo B) foram submetidos a disjunção craniofacial em monobloco (Ortiz - Monasterio, 1978) e alongamento ósseo gradual. Os pacientes foram avaliados por exames clínicos e documentação radiográfica e fotográfica. Os resultados demonstraram que a disjunção craniofacial seguida de alongamento ósseo gradual produziu correção completa da exoftalmia e melhora significativa nos aspectos estéticos e funcionais do terço médio da face) sem o uso de enxertos ósseos.

Palavras-chave: craniossinostose; alongamento ósseo craniofacial; Apert; Crouzon; disjunção craniofacial




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