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Editorial - Year2020 - Volume35 - Issue 4

Honoris causa is a Latin grammatical phrase (in English: “because of honor”) used in honorary titles, granted to eminent people, who are not necessarily bearers of an academic degree, but who stood out in a certain area for their virtue, merit or services that transcend families, people or institutions1.

When we read this definition we clearly see the dear image of our Professor Ricardo Lopes da Cruz, who leaves us early on December 8, 2020, the Plastic Surgeon Day.

Professor Ricardo was a true Master, in the broadest conception of the word. He openly taught everything he knew, he was a mentor and consultant, father, brother, son and friend. He formed disciples and a school, going beyond the borders of Medicine.

Among his most striking characteristics, he had the didactics of a few, a passion for dialectics and accurate knowledge about his specialties and areas of expertise.

Ricardo Cruz created a solid image, with high respect for peers. A humanist, responsible, concerned with the third and example even for those who did not know him. More than a Professor in Medicine, he was a Professor in the art of life. In addition to the high power of scientific knowledge and medical updating, he was an expert in philosophy and had the admirable ability to spread knowledge without fear or apprehension and with remarkable consistency. In a world guided by objective rules, certifications, protocols and indexes, he chose the path of pure teaching, the passage of knowledge through oratory and body-to-body contact with his disciples. Responsible for the greatest public successes in scientific events, he was also known for his high ability to organize events. True master in the art of knowledge dissemination. Positively obsessive about respecting the time and scientific quality of each class he presented. The show was part of the technique, with the ultimate object of teaching.

Dear Professor Ricardo Cruz, your children, disciples and admirers will keep alive the flame of your name, the importance of your figure and your intense message of love for medicine. Because of honor.


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