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Editorial - Year2020 - Volume35 - Issue 1

Few of us have certainly experienced such a difficult time in life and on the planet. It is a moment of full reflection where we must be absolutely attentive, careful and respectful in relation to the rules of care to minimize the expansion of this disease.

Doctors and scientists are quickly looking for answers not only to understand what is happening, but also to define effective ways to reduce transmission, stabilize the critical patient and effectively treat Covid-19.

Research has its time. The ethical, administrative and bureaucratic procedures must be respected but rethought in the moment of crisis, in order to speed up the successive stages.

Efficient filters are necessary in order to differentiate thoughts from certainties, hypotheses of facts, ideas and reality.

In Brazil, we often find ourselves facing diverse barriers that delay participation in international and multicentric scientific projects. This is a time for reflection and reassessment, in which the authorities involved must join forces in order to allow the change of processes, making Brazilian science faster.

Health must be seen not only as a priority in care but also in scientific development, which ultimately culminates in the discovery of effective measures in the treatment of diseases.

Our country is recognized as a leader in the development of drugs and vaccines and as in any country in the world, we will have the chance to develop research and to collaborate in the development of studies with positive repercussions worldwide.

We will have time, whether we like it or not, to reflect deeply on these issues and make national science more pragmatic, allowing the outcomes of studies to occur more readily. Obviously, always with the highest priority in relation to ethical principles in scientific research.




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